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Tara’s Transition Announcement

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am excited to share the news that I will be transitioning out of Hidden Leaf’s Director role in mid 2018. I love imagining a strong, fresh and inspired new Executive Director for the Foundation.

As many of you know, Hidden Leaf is my family’s foundation, begun by my father in 1988. For years, my father, two sisters and I ran the foundation as a volunteer board with no staff. Early on, we committed the foundation’s funds to exploring and supporting the intersection between inner awareness and progressive social change. As Dad liked to say, “promoting an inward gaze in service to something larger.” As the field of what we now call “Transformative Change Work” began to grow, I stepped in as Hidden Leaf’s first staff. That was 15 years ago.

And the field has certainly grown! In those early days, we had very limited language to articulate what we were supporting and very few allies thinking about this intersection. In fact, Hidden Leaf gave what we called “motivational grants” to give credibility to leaders wanting to bring some form of transformative practice into their workplace. Today, phenomenal training organizations and consultants support frontline and advocacy groups to integrate practices that are transforming the way they engage with each other and pursue their missions. Strong documentation now articulates the value and impact of transformational approaches within movements. And quite a few social and environmental justice organizations have committed to a path of transformation, knowing that “how” we show up and “how” we change systemic structures is critical to our success. Progressive movements are feeling the positive impact of our collective commitment to awareness (in a time when we need it more than ever!).

Hidden Leaf too has grown. In 2002, we gave 11 grants for a total of $150,000. This year, we will give 36 grants for a total of $1 million. And we work actively with many of you to advance the cohesion and coherence of transformative change work in progressive movements.

I have loved nearly every moment of my work with each of you in service to this intimate vision of whole people working with joy toward a world that works for all. I will miss the deep connections and exploring big ideas with so many of you. I will miss delving into your inspired grant proposals, deliberating over how to get more funders to this expansive table, and pondering endlessly how to articulate ideas that are evident when experienced—but quite a challenge to express.

Now it is time to pass the leadership to non-family staff. I love imagining that person moving toward us! Maybe it’s one of you!

Hidden Leaf’s other dedicated staff members, Jenny George and Mia Haywood, will stay on to continue their good work under new leadership. I will continue to serve on Hidden Leaf’s board along with my two sisters. Although my professional path forward is not yet clear, there is no doubt I will continue working at this potent intersection of inner and outer.

Paula Morris and Cory Pohley of Bandwidth Consulting are already onboard guiding us with love and wisdom through these early stages of the search process. They will guide our launch of the search for Hidden Leaf’s new Executive Director in early January 2018, which we hope will culminate in our making an offer to some wonderful candidate in April. We will, of course, share the position announcement with you in January.  I hope you will work with us to find the right person to lead Hidden Leaf in support of transformative change within progressive movements.

With enthusiasm for what’s to come and gratitude for my connections with each of you,


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