Grantmaking Overview

Hidden Leaf provides grants to expand inner awareness within social change organizations in order to enhance the effectiveness of the progressive movement. More specifically, Hidden Leaf offers grants to:

  1. Progressive social change organizations that use awareness practices to enhance their work;
  2. Leadership development and training organizations that help progressive non-profits integrate awareness practices into their work; and
  3. Field-building organizations that develop and deepen transformative social change work through research, convenings, funding, and developing new models.

Our grantmaking is founded on the belief that if deep personal and collective awareness is integrated into progressive social change organizations, then the leadership and effectiveness of these organizations will be greatly advanced, which will lead to a more just, ecologically healthy, and compassionate society. Click here to view our full Theory of Change and Logic Model

Mindfulness is a part of living. When you are mindful, you are fully alive, you are fully present. You can get in touch with the wonders of life that can nourish you and heal you. And you are stronger, you are more solid in order to handle the suffering inside of you and around you. When you are mindful, you can recognize, embrace and handle the pain, the sorrow in you and around you to bring you relief. And if you continue with concentration and insight, you’ll be able to transform the suffering inside and help transform the suffering around you.

—Thich Nhat Hanh

The following core beliefs guide our grantmaking:

  • Individual awakening is integral to social transformation.
  • Social change organizations are a potent leverage point for transforming society.
  • All of the major challenges of our times are interconnected – and so are the solutions.
  • We need a new worldview in order to promote a life-affirming society.
  • Fear is a major obstacle – compassion, love, and hope are its antidotes.

We believe that social transformation is strongest when:

  • Values and actions are aligned.
  • Clarity of purpose and concrete vision guide our actions.
  • Deep intuition is accessible and trusted.
  • Relationships are transparent and mutually enhancing.
  • Diversity and differences are honored.
  • Excellence in performance is encouraged.
  • Love and compassion are the core from which all actions emanate.