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Home Page: Participants in Rockwood Leadership Institute’s Advanced Art of Leadership, January 2009

Grantmaking Overview Page: Gathering at stone circles’ Stone House

About the Field, Awareness Practices Page: Bodhi Leaves, a rich symbol within Buddhism

About the Field, Transformative Training and Consulting Organizations Page: Rockwood Leadership Institute’s Staff and Trainers Retreat, 2009

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  • Participant in YES!’s Middle Eastern Jam (woman with red scarf) (Shireen lives at Neve Shalom What Al-Sakam in Israel, a village established by Israelis and Palestinians)
  • Capacitar 20th Anniversary Global Conference, 2008 (people greeting each other)
  • Jobs with Justice Education Fund’s “I heart Worker Justice Week of Action,” 2009 (posters and people)
  • Participants in Urban Peace Movement’s Silence the Violence Campaign (two men with Silence the Violence tee-shirts)